11/21/07 – Call From Stewart Transport

Last Friday, the 16th of November I got a call from Stewart Transport driver, Martin.  He was at Factory Five in Massachusetts and had loaded the car — a couple of days later than I originally expected.  Which means (after dropping off some cars in California) he’ll be here around the 28th of November.  (SIDE NOTE: Karen’s [and my mom’s] birthday is the 27th of November…).

Although I was hoping to work on the car over the 4-day holiday weekend, the extra days will provide me some more time to clean and paint parts.


When I dropped off my motor at Action Machine last week, they mentioned that they needed the harmonic balancer and flywheel in order to balance the crank.  This is because the Ford Windsor small block engine is externally balanced and uses these pieces to help balance the engine (as opposed to an internally balanced engine).

So, yesterday I dropped off the pieces.  My guy Bob and I talked about cylinder heads for a while.  It seems that before they can provide pistons, we need to decide on what heads we’re using.  This is so we can make sure we have enough relief for the values – too much relief and we lose compression, not enough relief and, well it would be a Bad Thing.

Then, trying to be proactive, I stopped by Sears thinking I’d pick up some SUV (high lift) jack stand that were on sale.  I should have known better — I don’t know about you guys, but as much as I appreciate the Craftsman brand, I’m perpetually disappointed with my ability to buy anything useful from them.  It seem they’re always out of stock on whatever I’m looking for. 

So Karen & I went to dinner at the Austin Cantina and I still have to find some jack stands before next week.