11/27/07 – Last Minute Update

Just a quick update:  The driver (Martin) called to say he would be running a little late and should be here around 2:00 PM.

I just received a package from The Yard (http://www.yardstore.com) aviation store.  I picked up several dozen cleckos, some clecko pliers, and some #30 cobalt drill bits.  It’s a cool store – check it out!

Finally, I managed to buy some jackstands.  I’ve been looking for some SUV (high-lift) stands so I won’t have to bend over so far (hey, I’m going to be 43 in March…).  Key shopping tip – for Craftsman tools, check out your local K-Mart.  Since they merged with Sears, they carry Craftsman tools and nobody realizes it – so they’re always fully stocked (unlike my local Sears…).

I’m working form home tomorrow.  The garage door spring broke (I’m hoping it’s not rejecting the idea of the Cobra) and I need to get it fixed so it will open with the electric opener.

That’s it for now – look for pictures galore tomorrow night!