1/6/08 Update – Front Suspension & Brake Paint

Wow!  I can’t believe it’s been since December 9th since my last update.  That’s almost a month ago – way too long.  But, as you might expect with all of the holidays & travel, there hasn’t been a lot happening on the car.  It sure was good seeing everyone in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Shortly after my  last update, the backordered front upper control arms arrived from Factory Five (along with a few other items).   I was able to install them without too much  trouble and  took the opportunity to double-check  the torque on all the front-suspension bolts.  I left all of the adjustable pieces loose so it’ll be easier to slap a home-alignment on it when I get my wheels/tires.

I’m leaving blue masking tape on the things that are loose & un-torqued.


I also installed the new Baer stud that I ordered through Brad’s Custom Auto on the left steering control arm.

The paint on the donor Cobra brake calipers was pretty thin and dirty, so they were the next thing to freshen up.  I hit them hard with the wire wheel and was able to remove most of  the old paint.  Eastwood has a caliper paint kit that I had ordered in red.  I spent the Saturday before flying to Chicago for vacation painting them — it’s hard getting a good finish using the crappy little brush they supply.


This past weekend I rebuilt the front calipers using a kit that I ordered.  I would have done the rears, but I ordered the wrong kit and nobody seems to stock 1994 Mustang Cobra caliper kits in Seattle.

I also cleaned up the front rotors, grinding off the coating where it was compromised.  I then sprayed them with some silver high-temperature engine paint.  Turned out okay, I think:


This week I hope to wrap up the front end and maybe start putting some of the cockpit aluminum in.

All photos available here:

Take care!