1/13/08 – My New Favorite Tool

I just took a look back at last week’s update and, once again, it seems like a lot has happened since then.  The steering wheel arrived after being back-ordered for a while.  Rick & I mounted the rotors and calipers while the Seahawk’s lost to Green Bay.  Then today, I managed to get the rear differential painted, and mounted (without torquing anything).

So, sometime during the week (like I said), the steering wheel showed up.  Of course I had to get it mounted, if for no other reason than to make it easier to test the rack and pinion steering setup.

Here’s a shot of the wheel (with a bonus peek at the front calipers):


Did I mention the front rotors & calipers?  Oh yeah — the Seahawks.  Nevermind.  Anyway, since I painted everything a while back, it was pretty simple to mount the rotors, bolt up the caliper brackets, reinstall the old pads, and mount the calipers.  The front Cobra brakes have a single c-clip and pin holding everything together.  You could replace the pads using a pair of needle nose plier and nothing else:


This morning my buddy Lance Lambert stopped by with some of his car pals this morning to check out the Cobra.  We had a great time shooting bull, talking cars, and telling lies (not in that order).  A little later in the day I decided, since it was so nice (50 degrees & sunny), to paint the differential and see what I could accomplish.  Step one, was rolling the rear end outside, letting it warm up, and masking the engine stand it was setting on:


Ultimately, I ended up not only painting the differential, but mounting the entire rear suspension.  We have the 3-link rear suspension, which provides better road-holding than the stock 4-link (which matches the Mustang geometry).  The 3-link kit includes Koni coil-over shocks, a panard bar, and lower control arms to locate the axle in 3-dimensional space.

Here’s where I ended up this afternoon:


I’m heading to New York to visit my wife (Karen) on Wednesday and returning on Sunday.  So I’m not sure that I’ll get a lot done during the next week.  But the 21st of January is MLK-day, maybe I’ll get a little done then.

Oh yeah, my new favorite tool?  My 28oz. mallet:


Until then, take care