2/11/08 – New Cabinets & Brake Booster

Another couple of weeks and a little more progress to report.  First, my neighbor Lance is remodeling his kitchen and was kind enough to donate some cabinets to the garage.  Little did he realize his role as donor included helping hang them in their new home.  We spent most of the day on Saturday (10 days ago) getting them mounted.


On that Sunday I marked and drilled the aluminum cockpit floor panels.  Now they’re held in place with cleckos.

This weekend I worked on mounting the power brake booster.  As mentioned last time this requires some customization.  First, I had to cut the frame so the booster canister would fit.  Then I had to grind out the footbox firewall in order to provide clearance.


The air compressor requires every bit of the 25 or so amps that supplies the entire garage.  I have to turn off most of the lights when using air tools so I don’t keep blowing the breaker.  Nothing like firing up a nasty 20,000 rpm die grinder and doing it in the dark…

Finally, to clear the steering shaft, I had to build some spacers using 1/8" aluminum.  Commons consensus says that 1/4" would be enough, but we (Rick & I were working on it Sunday) ended up making 3 plates, and using a set of washers to get it just right.



I’ve ordered the pedal kit that includes the throttle pedal and covers for the clutch and brake.  I’ve also ordered a kit providing additional bracing for the rear suspension.

The engine is getting built up into a short block.  I was originally going to build up the block myself, but since I’m getting a new (reground) E303 cam, the machine shop will be able to put it all together and degree the cam.

That’s it for now!


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