2/26/08 – Pedal Box, Fuel Tank & Banana Bracket Brace

Since we talked last I’ve made progress in several areas.  First, I mounted the pedal covers.


Then the brake booster needed painting before it could be mounted.  I also verified the front driver’s footbox panel wasn’t getting replaced with my FFMetal Grand Slam aluminum kit (it wasn’t, so it was safe to sandwich against the footbox firewall).


Next up was the 3-link banana brace bracket.  FFR recommends stitch-welding the banana bracket to the axle housing if you’re going to be racing, dropping the hammer, or generally abusing the car.  This keeps the bracket from rotating on the axle, which would be a Bad Thing.  Since all of these are distinct possibilities I wanted to beef it up, but don’t have a welder.  Fortunately there’s Vintage Performance Motorcars and their 3-link banana brace bracket.

But you know what?  I don’t have any pictures!  Gonna have to fix that.  Trust me, I installed it…

Anyway, then I went after the gas tank.  First it needed some serious cleaning.  Here’s what it looked like when I got started:


Then I peeled all the foam & rubber stuck to it, before finally spraying it with some truck bedliner to keep it from rusting.  No one’s ever going to see it, so I wasn’t too worried about making it perfect.  Here it is mounted in place – the tie-down was to hold it in place (my third hand):


The FFMetal Grand Slam started showing up today with the arrival of the battery box and passenger footbox.  I’ll be mounting these up this week (hopefully).  Also, Action Machine called and the built short-block is complete and ready to pick up.  So you might see some pictures of the motor next time!

Thanks for following along…


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